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Unionville SEO

Unionville may epitomize the quaint life of a neighborhood that was showcased in the television show “Gilmore Girls” but that doesn’t mean its businesses have to maintain a slow pace at marketing and sales.


It should be quite the opposite. A small business in a rural area sometimes has to push harder to get the business it needs to survive. Unionville SEO plans can make it easier.


Some business owners think companies in areas like Unionville wouldn’t benefit much from things like digital marketing and Unionville SEO. That would be a mistake. These are the things that help small businesses expand and gain new customers beyond their boundaries.

Unionville SEO

How Unionville SEO Helps

There are some distinctive ways Unionville SEO helps small businesses. It helps people find your business when they are looking for a product you carry. Also helps people who aren’t familiar with the area find your store. It expands your market where you can sell your products and services beyond Unionville.


Even with all, we know about the internet and the boom of online buying and selling, there remain around 34 million small businesses in the U.S. that aren’t online at all, according to research polling. There is no reason to think that Canada is any different.

These businesses are missing out on huge opportunities given these facts:

81% of higher-income groups buy products online

86% of consumers do online product research

89% search online for directions or maps

91% look online first when they decide to buy a product or service

These are customers an any small business can get if they have good Unionville SEO.

The main element of Unionville SEO is keywords. Rank Secure uses heavy research to find the best keywords for your business and puts them into product and geographic searches. People pulling up those products or searching the area for a merchant will pull up your shop.

Implementing good SEO sounds easy but it’s actually complicated. We use several proven, ethical methods like content writing, blogs, coding, alt tags, and meta descriptions to make your business website more visible. It takes some time, usually months, to get solid results on ranking and more customers.

However, our methods work well because they produce organic traffic with authentic content and white hat coding. Search engines love that and your website benefits from the admiration.

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