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Using these methods, you can both improve your SEO and give your potential customer base a fantastic new blog to read, a beautiful set of social media profiles to follow, and an idea that your properties would be great vacation choices for them.

7 Easy Methods to Improve SEO for Your Vacation Rental Website

Using search engine optimization (SEO) to gain traction for your vacation rental website is a great option. Using SEO can give your business access to thousands of potential customers that actually are in the buying market and have found you purposely. Having an increased amount of warm client’s available means that you rent more of your properties more constantly.

1. Content, Content, Content

Search engines love original content. Creating a section of your website dedicated to articles on travel and destinations that one can rent a property from you is a superior marketing and SEO tool. Search engine optimization is known for using popular keywords your advantage. What I am suggesting is to use keywords that are not only often searched but uniquely useful to the vacation rental business and your properties specifically. Tailoring the information to suit your business will attract a tailored audience to you, and that is the goal.

2. Make Sure Your URLs are User-Friendly

We all know the SEO is all about creating content that is great for search engines and people, and how often times that content is pretty much the same thing. URLs should be clear. The pages on your vacation rental website should not have generic words and numbers attached to them, such as:


This means literally nothing. It doesn’t tell search engines what the topic of the great content on the page is, it doesn’t provide the reader with an easily memorable URL for reference later. It is working against you. Don’t let your website work against you. Instead, edit your URL to look something like this


This describes the beautiful beach home that the potential reader came across on your website. Search engines will crawl over your websites and know exactly what you are offering.

TIPS: The shorter the better. As your URL approach 100 characters, you are also approaching the need to edit it. You want your URL to be easily readable and memorable. This is how you make your URL work for your you, to against you.

3. Make Sure Your Website Looks Beautiful and Works Well on Mobile Devices

Search engines notice when people go onto your website and quickly leave. They rank websites lower if this happens regularly. If your website works well on desktops and laptops, you might not consider its sub par mobile function. If that is what is happening, you could be getting docked for something that is entirely fixable.

A quick and easy way to improve your mobile user’s experience on your website is to reduce unnecessary images, they create additional load time, and take up real-estate on the screen. For more complex improvements there are various tools that can help you optimize your website for mobile use.

4. Social Media- Use it, Often

As a vacation rental provider, you have a distinct advantage over other kinds of business using social media. You have beautiful locations! Beautiful locations and people having fun make for the best social media posts, and that what your business is all about. So brag a little, and show people how your properties are the place to stay while on vacation. Create engaging posts that link back to a beautiful website. Those that click that link wants your services, now all you have to do is provide them with what they need.

5. Use Tools

Tools can show us what we are doing well and how we can further our agenda in another area, and take advantage of various areas. A popular and well-used tool to measure analytics is Google Analytics. It is a great option because it will quickly tell you where you should put your efforts and where you are excelling this works. It is also attached to the biggest and most well-used search engine there is, google. So, using their tool gives you a little inside knowledge on the data collected by their search engine, and would make your website more SEO friendly in general. You can see where your traffic is coming from, and keep yourself on track.

6. Promoting Your Website Through Your Blog

After you establish a blog it is now important to promote it. Getting as many people to become attracted to your website as possible is generally the goal. The more often they visit, the more likely they will think to use you their next vacation. This can be achieved in a few different ways

1. Having Other Blog Owners Guest Blog- Allowing guest blogging is a great way to obtain free exposure. Owners of other related blogs would write for you and guide their readership to your blog. In return, they would have a full bio under their article directing people back to theirs. It’s a win-win!

2. Advertisement- Using paid advertisement sources like Google ads could yield positive benefits. Make sure that you use analytics tools in order to ensure you are getting enough value from it.

3. Leverage your personal network and promote it with them- Make sure that those you know both professionally and personally know about your website’s new amazing blog.

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