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Web Analytics Services

Obtaining a website is only the start of your online business, but analytics can quickly measure your progress, enabling you to respond to visitor behaviors and improve your results. Here at Rank Secure, we offer web analytic consulting services to ensure that we can quickly and efficiently change our clients’ websites in order to deliver better return on investment on their advertising spend.

Which keywords work the best?

Which search engines deliver traffic to your site?

What is your return on investment on search engine traffic vs. pay per click campaigns?

Are your online marketing campaigns delivering successful conversions?

Analytics Drive Online Results

Using the information gleaned from your analytics reports, we can help:

Establish the best keyword strategies.

Fine-tune your online marketing efforts.

and much more.

Split-test branding campaigns.

Improve your return on investment on PPC campaigns.

Analytics provide real-time, in-depth reporting on a variety of aspects related to your website’s performance in order to help you optimize the most effective tools and to eliminate wasted time, cost, effort and resources.

How Well Does Your Site Perform?

Knowing how many people visit your site is important when it comes to your marketing spend. That is one of the many questions that web analytics can answer with regard to your site’s performance.


Your online marketing progress is our number one priority and we use in-depth analytics to provide the answers we need to ensure that your site is optimized to deliver the best return on investment possible.


At Rank Secure, we recommend website analytics for each and every site, whether it is a blog, an e commerce or shopping site, or even a lead generation site. Without analytics, it will be difficult to know how you can improve your site in order to meet your business goals.

Tracking Your Marketing Activity

We are firm believers in tracking all your marketing activity to ensure that your money is spent on income-generating endeavours. To do that, we recommend that our clients implement Rank Secure’s analytics service, which will enable us to accurately track results and provide you with comprehensive reports.


Large, high-traffic websites that use branding programmes, PPC and SEO campaigns can easily blur the lines when it comes to ROI analysis, which is why analytics is so important. It enables us to extend your ROI analysis to better report on the best themes and keywords that deliver your desired results.

How Our Website Analytics Service Works

Here at Rank Secure, we treat you as an individual, because each business is unique. That’s why we customize our website analytic services to suit your individual needs according to your business goals.


The internet has evolved over the years, and you can find many analytic services out there. Essentially, they all do the same thing – providing reports. Some of the more expensive packages provide the most sophisticated data and fancier reports. However, unless you are on the cutting-edge of industry development, the data will be meaningless to you.


Let Rank Secure’s analytics experts navigate your efforts with our proven website analytics service. Here’s how it works.

During consultation, we will discuss your goals and work with your to develop a strategy.

Once the plan has been developed, we will follow a step-by-step process to implement it. The plan will continue to run over time.

We will analyze your web analytics goals regularly to determine whether it is progressing according to plan.

Regular updates and changes are crucial to meeting your online marketing goals. Our changes are aimed at changing aspects of both your content and development in order to grow your website and improve its performance.

Monthly reports will provide you with the information needed to give you peace of mind knowing that your site is on track.


Get the facts about just how well your site is performing with Rank Secure’s website analytics consulting service today and take your results to the next level through insightful, effective changes.

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