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What are Meta Descriptions?

When creating a website, it is important that you’re doing everything that you can to get it known. You might have already optimized various aspects of your website, such as your navigation, templates, and premium content, but you could be having difficulty nailing your meta descriptions.

It makes sense knowing what to do and maybe what to avoid as well can be a difficult thing to do. The format of these meta tags can feel foreign to those without the experience of using them. This, however, can be solved with some knowledge and practice.


This article is intended to help you understand how Meta descriptions work, and to provide a guide to writing meta descriptions that’ll help your website be a winner. At the end of this informational guide to meta descriptions, you will be armed with all the search engine optimization knowledge you want to make your own effective meta descriptions.


With that knowledge, you will be able to really empower your website to be the very best it can and attract a steady stream of traffic.


You will probably have seen meta descriptions before when you have used any kind of search engine. It’s that little paragraph under the link on search results. You know that sometimes these descriptions are accurate and useful, and sometimes they make no sense. You will want to do everything in your power to get your content to the most people as possible. In order to do that, you have to standout. Meta descriptions allow you to increase your click through speed from three main sources: search engine results, social networking stocks, and social bookmarks. In all three of those sources, a meta description provides more information about the page, and enable you to secure the interest of a reader


When You’ve got a higher ranking on Google, you will be getting more traffic. More traffic to your website means more potential clients, which means you have also got a greater probability of making sales.


Being knowledgeable about the many differences between meta descriptions for a home page, and for other pages is important.


You only have 160 charters to use when writing a meta description This is certainly can be difficult for even the most experienced writer.


Try to keep meta descriptions a simple as possible, while conveying a very compelling reason to click on the web page.


Writing Rather than dispersing your brand’s vision in only 160 characters, you will have to alert prospective customers about the benefits that they will receive if they click on your product page. Whether You are writing a meta description to your websites’ home page, you will have the ability to use these examples as inspiration.


When You’re optimizing a web site for search engines, it is crucial that you take into consideration mobile audiences. It is estimated that around 60 percent of all Google search queries come from mobile devices, which figure is just going to go up in the long run.


It’s an excellent idea to bear this in mind if you’re generating meta descriptions for your own pages. When You are generating meta descriptions for a mobile audience attempt to make certain that your name tags are stored inside 40-60 characters, and that your meta descriptions are less than 90 characters long.


Now You’re ready to begin making your own meta descriptions – congratulations!

It does not matter if you’re already a proficient search engine optimization writer, or if it is your first time optimizing a web page, you can be successful by adhering to writing techniques as you are making your own meta descriptions.


Ensure Your Meta Descriptions Are Relevant:

When you are composing a meta description, it is critical that the copy is related to not only the Title Tag, but that it is also related to the search phrase that user is considering.


Create Make the most of this information and make the ideal page names that you can — it will really help your shop to create and secure traffic.


Use The Active Voice:

It is always best to use the active voice when you are composing your meta descriptions. Rather than using language such as, “All the best fashions are found here”, use “Find all of the best styles”. This presents a control to prospective clients, rather than a suggestion.


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