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What are Squeeze Pages?

A Squeeze Page clearly guides people down the path to your business. To give an example, if you have a bathroom remodeling company maybe you create a Squeeze Page called “8 DIY Fixes for Your Old Bathroom”. It might appeal to thrifty readers– but your business actually specializes in full-service, high-end remodels. This doesn’t help your overall needs. You have to figure out the content that your audience needs.

Once you have an idea for content that your audience will devour and that serves your business goals, creating the Squeeze Page can be as simple as typing it up or turning content you already own into a PDF file.


Choose a Landing Page Builder That Will Make Things Easy for You.

Now you have your lead magnet, and you need somewhere to advertise it and a way to deliver it to people who sign up. Make things easy on yourself by choosing a landing page builder that integrates well with your email auto responder service and allows you to create an effective landing page without having to master new tech skills.


Say you’re trying to find new clients for your kitchen remodeling business. While a guide titled “4 Trendy House Materials Homeowners Will Be Buying Next Year” might be relevant to your business and useful to other people in your industry, homeowners don’t actually need to know about the trends– instead, they need to know what the best choice for them will be.


Make sense for your business. On the flip side, it’s easy to start brainstorming a list of topics your audience cares about, create a Squeeze Page they’ll love … and wait (and wait) for any of the leads it attracts to turn into customers.


When you start meddling digital marketing– or moving beyond the 2 or 3 marketing methods you know and are comfortable with, you may feel a little lost.


Hopelessly stuck, even.

I’m here to inform you that’s absolutely typical. Part of the obstacle is that digital marketing, like lots of disciplines, has its personal language. When different marketers speak different dialects, and it certainly doesn’t help anyone out.


Fortunately, you don’t have to learn every language in one day. This post will help you learn about squeeze pages and their wonderful uses.


Let’s talk squeeze pages’ vs landing pages.


A landing page is any websites you established to:

a) Receive traffic from several sources (consisting of paid or natural sources, consisting of online search engine, social networks, and blog sites).


b) Prompt visitors to take a particular action, such as register for an occasion, demand an assessment, register for your email list, purchase, or download an e-book.


Not every landing page is a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a particular type of landing page developed with one extremely important function– to obtain visitors to submit the opt-in kind, supplying you with their e-mail addresses.


Often, squeeze pages are described as capture pages, since they record leads’ contact details, assisting you to develop your pipeline.


Consider the opt-in type on your page as the entry door into the terrific celebration your organization is hosting. Big the crowd milling around outside may be, this is where the truly interested people file in and join your actual audience.


Construct a Complete Squeeze Page in 5 Steps.


1. Start by Creating a Squeeze Page Your Audience Will Love.

Your Squeeze Page is what you are going to give away for free in exchange for an email address. This is also known as the opt-in bribe, but I don’t like to use the word “bribe” because that implies you’re doing something dishonest– which isn’t accurate. On the contrary, you’re giving away valuable content your audience will love!


There are many ways to create high-value lead magnets without investing too much time. Here are just a few examples of lead magnets you can create in 30 minutes or less:


– A how-to guide, do-it-yourself project, or list of resources to accomplish a specific goal, packaged as a simple PDF.


– A product teaser, such as a chapter of your book, a module of your course, or a resource guide.


– An FAQ one-sheet related to your industry.


Regardless of the format you choose, a good Squeeze Page needs to:


– Make sense for your audience. You probably have skills that could be useful for a wide variety of people, but at this point, you only need to highlight the information that immediately impacts the lives of the audience you’re marketing to.


This is a basic overview of squeeze pages.


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