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What is a 302 Redirect?

302 redirects are temporary URL redirects. It is an HTTP status code that indicates the type of response a web server will have when it services a particular web page.

They are not used as often as 301 redirects, or permeant redirects. This is because there usually isn’t a need for a temporary solution, though there are some exceptions. So, after learning this information you might be wondering if there really is any advantage of a 302 temporary redirect? Well, there are several benefits. First, a 302 redirect does not permanently pass the credibility and reputation of the original URL to the newly created URL. Because of this, when you go back from the 302 redirect to your original URL you’ll have a better chance of regaining the previous ranking of that URL.


We will look at examples of when a 302 URL could be advantageously used.


1. A website with technical Issues

A website is having technical difficulties can result in loss of traffic, sales and page rank. No one wants this to happen especially because of the time and resources it takes to create a highly ranked website. So a 302 redirect would be perfect here. Instead of traffic leaving due to an unavailable web page, they would be sent to another available web page that might fill their needs. They are happy and so are the search engines.


2. An Online Store with Varying Levels Items in Stock

A company may choose to use a 302 redirect if some of the items on their website are out of stock. This would mean that if a customer is looking for a certain product or type of product they might click on one and be directed to a closely similar product that they could buy immediately.


3. Implementation of a New Design

If a website is redesigning a web page it might choose to use a 302 redirect.

Similar to a 301 redirect, a302 redirect lets search engines know that a particular web page has been moved, but only temporarily. A 302 redirect will not give any link value or page rank to the new URL. When you are ready to switch back to the original URL, you can do so, and its condition and page rank should be similar if not identical.


A Common Mistake

The difference between a 301 and a 302 redirect is sometimes difficult to understand, however, you can not use them interchangeably. making the mistake of using a 302 redirect instead of a 301 can result in a loss of the content on that web page, links, and PageRank. Be careful when choosing which redirect to set up.


Likewise, using a permanent 301 redirect for a temporary move will result in the page rank of the original URL to completely disappear. If you did not want your page rank to be moved to your new URL, you would end up stuck with the new URL with no way of going back without a complete loss of page rank. It is incredibly important to understand the differences before you choose and to understand the potential consequences if you choose wrong.


No matter The Redirect Always Monitor Its Impact

Because of the positional of search engine ranking be affected by your redirects it is important to monitor our websites’ performance after implementing them. Here are some great tools to monitor your website’s analytics


1. Google Analytics

This is the granddaddy of analytical tools that are created by the search engine that matters most. Using this tool will tell you how to Google perceives your website, and how to improve it in their eyes.


2. Clicky

This straight forward tool is easy to navigate and doesn’t use flash. Due to the fact that Google analytics use a lot of flash in its apps, it can limit its mobile use and function. Clicky doesn’t have that problem. For smaller websites, it’s free as long as your website gets fewer than 3,000 daily visitors, more than that requires a $10 a month fee to use Clicky.


3. Gauges

This analytics package works similarly to Google Analytics. They want to provide users with actionable data on an interface that is simple to use for every user that chooses them. Their packages start at just $6 a month for a variety of useful features.


It is important to choose the right predict that will give you the result that you need. It is also important to know the possible consequences of choosing the wrong kind of redirect.


Rank Secure can help you understand which redirect you would need to preserve your page rank. Rank Secure can also help you many other SEO and Marketing functions. Sometimes when difficult decisions need to be made, it can be a huge relief to contact professionals to help you. We are just those professionals. Contact us today and we’ll get started on a plan for you!

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