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What is Page Authority?

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What is Page Authority?

Page authority is an important SEO term to know. Generally, with this term the more you have the better for you and your website. Page authority is a term used to describe the probability of your specific web page or pages being found on search engines


This score goes from 1-100. In this case, 0 is the worst possible score and 100 would indicate that a web page contains a huge amount of authority. These elements include links, as well as data on traffic, and time spent on your web pages. In all, there are 41 link metrics that are considered. The method in which page authority is analyzed changes over time. It is important for us to adapt as it adapts.


The algorithms that are used by search engines are not transparent. The reason for this is that those search engines really don’t want you to make content that will please them. They want you to create content that will be high-quality information that the reader wants to read. We should be creating great content for our readers, however, problem is that we can not simply ignore things like search engine optimization and page rank. This is not a recipe for success. Instead, all of our actions have to serve a dual purpose. We have to make quality, readable content that readers and search engines will love. Hitting this sweet spot will ensure that all needs are being met, and your website is in the best position to rank highly and be successful.


Knowing your Page Authority score can be a great benefit because it is for every web page on your website. You can easily see what works and what just doesn’t. Seeing your page authority can really help your website function at its highest capacity.


How to Increase Page Authority?

There are several ways to accomplish the task of increasing your page authority. Some are easier than others, but they are all achievable and the reward for completing these tasks is a website with pages that have high page authority and therefore rank high on search engines.


1. Build links to Your Pages

To understand what it takes to build links you have to see link building as a per page process and focus on one page at a time on your website. Page Authority is the measurement of each individual page’s ability to rank. The best way to achieve this is to create content that people want to read. So the longer, and more in depth, your article is, the more people will see it as a useful resource and will cite your article in their publications.


While all types of longer content are the most advantages, some formats work better than others. Here are a few options that work really well


1. Posts with lists

2. How-to posts

3. Why posts

4. Content with videos and infographics


It is best to give your audience many different options to learn and understand the topic deeply. In order to gather the most links your content needs to be authoritative and well researched, it must provide a purpose of some kind, and be of interest to an audience.


2. Make Your Pages with Higher Authority Work for You

Most likely you are going to have pages that have a higher page authority than others. The easiest way to spread that page authority around a bit is to create inbound links. Inbound links are links that are one page of your website that leads to another relevant page on your website.


It is important that the pages you link are highly relevant and useful to the reader. If they are then it can provide additional benefits such as increasing the amount of time spent on your website. The longer a user stays on your website, the better it is for your page rank.


3. Useful Content Is the Only Content Worth Creating

The only way to increase your page authority is to create amazing content Content that is thin or thrown together will not achieve anything. Share your perspective, provide insight, and be authorized. This is the only way to have pages that people actually want to visit and whole websites that make them want to stay a while. Doing so with yield great results for you.


We all are very busy people. So having the time to create such lengthy authoritative can feel impossible.

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