Emergence of SEO is probably the biggest change in the business world since the last decade or so. Gone are the days when companies used to rely on newspapers, radio, television and other traditional tools of business promotion. With the ever increasing popularity of the internet, a bulk of business transactions now take place online. This has made it a basic requirement for any business to build a robust online presence. This is exactly where Search Engine Optimization comes in. However, it is unfair to say that SEO only helps businesses in building an online identity within their target market.

Online visibility and business branding: Regardless of their business type and size, millions of businesses now understand the value of SEO in terms of creating a brand value. As mentioned above, most of the internet savvy consumers now use the internet to find out products of services they require. These consumers only get connected to businesses that have a high search engine ranking. It is possible for a business to build it’s identity by continually appearing in search results. Unfortunately, a business that never shows up amongst top search result will not be able to grab attention of its potential customers in the same way.

Building Credibility: Most of the potential customers looking for a product or service make a note of the search rankings and a higher search rank always give them the confidence to deal with a particular business. This is why SEO is now considered to be the safest bet to build credibility in the online marketplace.

Website traffic: In continuation to the above point, prospective customers of a business will only visit websites that are found in the top positions, in their search. Can you imagine visiting a website that is languishing in the 15th page of a search query? Though traffic itself doesn’t make money, it surely opens up a great opportunity to do so. This is yet another reason behind the increasing popularity of SEO in the modern day business fraternity.

High Return on Investment: If used in the correct way, SEO can also be an amazing tool for advertising a business. This is highly efficient inbound marketing technique because it helps businesses market their business to their target market. Since this target group is already looking for similar products or services, businesses are only required to make people believe that they have the right product/service. This is why SEO can reward a business at a much faster pace comparing to any other advertisement technique.

Customer Insight: The traffic generated by a website is tracked by Google analytics. This wonderful tool provides valuable insight into a business’ customers such as their search preferences, browsing habits, demographic features, etc. This information can be valuable for a business because it can create or change business strategies accordingly.

It is not easy to describe the utilities of SEO for a business within the limited scope of this article. To wind up this discussion, it can be said SEO is half the battle won for any business.