Content is key, make sure your site has “original” content!

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Content is key, make sure your site has “original” content!

Content can take your website a long way through the Google search engines. Maybe that is why, copying content from other sources has become common practice. It may be common practice, but it is not right, and you will pay dearly. Your site can be punished and ultimately banned if you are deemed to have copied someone else’s content. What are some ways around it you ask? Write something on your own for crying out loud! If you get writer’s block, find something that can write. It does not take a lot and you will be happy in the long run.

The plagarism is done mostly off of Wikipedia! Guys, if you are going to copy content, I suggest something more credible than Wikipedia, like, come on! Wikipedia; that is like copying the graffitti from the washroom of a stall. A lot of it, is in simple english “CRAP”

What to do you ask? Search online for content writers in your local area and chances are you will find someone that will be able to provide you with something that is legible, decent and will get indexed properly.

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