In a recently released webmaster help video, Google’s search spam head Matt Cutts explained Google’s stand on the importance of page speed for mobile ranking. As per this article,page speed is not more important for mobile search rankings compared to desktop. As always, the release of this video has sparked yet another worldwide debate on the probable outcome of this new announcement.

In this video, Matt Cutts explains that page speed will be used as a ranking parameter, but it will only be considered contextually. Site speed as will not affect search rank as an absolute number because the loading speed of different websites across the globe varies a great deal depending upon the bandwidth, country, and many other factors. Matt has encouraged webmasters to compare the speed of their sites with the “neighborhood of websites”. He also cautioned that outliers may see their website’s rank getting affected.

Explaining that Google will not consider page speed to be more important, Matt said,  “. . . If you’re using your mobile phone, you care a lot about whether it will load in a reasonable period of time and so we’ll continue to look at ways to improve the way that we find out how fast a site is, the page speed for a particular page, and then try to figure out whether it makes sense . . . okay, if we want users to be less frustrated, then maybe over time it does make sense to incorporate more into our rankings, or more for mobile . . . something along those lines.”

There is no denying the fact that the concepts of SEO are extremely logical. All website owners would surely want their web pages to be discovered easily by the search engine bots, be easy to read, and quick to load. Therefore, the recent announcement from Google does come as a surprise for many webmasters.

As of now, most of the mobile connections are generally slower comparing to the desktop connections. However, mobile users expect their content to load faster than the desktop users. It is still very early to forecast the probable impact of this new announcement from Google. However, many experts feel that Google may change their stand on page speed to some extent in the days to come.