Google Updating to Version 2.2

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Google Updating to Version 2.2

It seems like just yesterday that we were blogging about the release of Google Panda and actually, we did, just a couple of months ago, however, fast forward to two months later and Google has decided that it will upgrade the Panda algorithm anyday now. Although the launch date should be very soon, the release has not happened yet, and with the many websites that have been affected over the few months from Panda, any recoveries do not seem imimate.


One of the many reasons that Panda is being upgraded so quickly, is similar to all those Windows upgrades, because the way that the product operates is lacking, and the Panda is not exempted from this. It appears that many websites got hit hard from the Panda algorithm, meaning that there were false positives (those websites that got hit by Panda and should not have). The hope is that this is reversed, however, as of this post going live, it does not appear to, time will tell.

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