As modern day web crawlers, all of us are aware of the importance of Google in our life. All internet users are heavily dependent on Google as the largest online search engine. However, many of us are not aware of the fact that Google is not all about online search. Google also offers several fun tricks for us. In this post, we will discuss some of the most interesting tricks available with Google.

How many of you know that Google can be used as an online timer? While working on a computer, we often need a timer to remind us about our upcoming tasks such as making an important phone call, meeting an important client, or anything similar. Google can help us create online timers simply by typing the command <time> OR set timer for <time> 

timerfor the timer in the search box. The same can also be done using “timer” as the search query and setting the timer manually. The browser will play a sound when the time passes.

Google Gravity is another highly popular fun trick from Google. All the Google components such as the logo, search button, search box, and others suffer from complete loss of balance in Google Gravity. As a result, all of them are drawn towards the bottom of the browser. It is possible to click and hold the elements and drag them all over the screen or move/throw them around. It is possible to carry out search as usual, but the search results keep falling down to the bottom of the page try typing “Google gravity” and the I am felling lucky button.

Google Mirror is yet another fun trick from Google. By using Google Mirror, it is possible to see the exact mirror image of everything. The words typed in the search bar will also appear as the mirror image of the original. An actual mirror can be used if you find it difficult to read the text.

Google Space is another interesting Google trick that was adopted from the game Angry Bird Space. Technically speaking, the simulation in Google Space is similar to that used in Google Gravity. However, the gravity component is absent here. Instead, all Google components hover around in Google Space just like in the outer space with zero gravity. Another difference is that the search results in Google Space appear suddenly out of nowhere. Google Sphere is another similar trick where the search results appear in a spherical form.

Most of the  internet users have the experience of using Google Calculator. However, all of them do not know that, in addition to mathematical calculations, Google Calculator can also solve many fun problems. Everybody knows love does not have any real equation. However, you can make it possible with Google Heart.

There are many more Fun tricks from Google that makes our life easy. Keep visiting us frequently for more interesting posts.