If you’re an Adwords use, and you have missed the latest buzz, you’re in luck. Today I’m going to tell you all about the new changes to Adwords, which were announced on Tuesday (April 22).

Despite my years in IT, I’ve always been amazed at some of Google’s inventions that make the internet seamless as we move from PC to mobile and the innovative technologies we use for business. The latest Adwords updates are, as usual, pretty exciting. Search marketing experts who attended the Forum, were raving about how these changes are about to revolutionize the way in which they will be finding new customers and growing their business. As usual, Google timed this perfectly to coincide with the imminent launch of the new softer Panda update we spoke about a few weeks ago.

However, for those who prefer to read, I’m going to break down the changes below.

Great News for Your App!

If you’ve been promoting your app through AdMob and Google search ads, you’ll be blown away by the new features that will apply across the Google network, including Display Network, Search Ads and Youtube. The new features include:

    • Better discovery through targeting. Using statistics, you will now be able to reach the most likely potential customers, based on the apps they have installed, frequency of use and in-app purchases. Youtube users will now be able to install apps from Youtube to enhance their TrueView experience.
    • Improved re-engagement. A majority of apps are installed, used once and either ignored or deleted. The new Adwords re-engagement campaign takes consumers directly to already installed apps rather than to the main landing page of the app when they do a search.
  • Improved statistics. Adwords will now help you see all the conversions from the lifecycle of your app, including installation, in-app purchases, and re-engagement.

Better Campaign Tools

Last year, Google introduced Estimated Total Conversions, which has been great in helping users to measure conversions across platforms. It makes bidding and budgeting easier and they will continue to invest into the product, which is great news.

Many companies have found that including offline sales in their online marketing results increase return on online ad investment by more than 100%. The reason for this is that people are increasingly searching online for local businesses before going to buy products in-store. For that reason, Google is now testing strategies for measuring the effectiveness of search adverts for driving offline sales. It will probably involve purchasing anonymous data from retail outlets.

Google is also bringing several new tools to Adwords to help with optimization, reporting and work flow management of your online campaigns. Here are some of the new and improved tools:

    • Update all your campaigns with bulk actions.
    • Maximize conversions with automated bidding, or increase the value of total conversions.
    • Improved data allows for advanced reporting right inside Adwords.
  • Test your ads on live traffic using the new AdWords lab and the new experimental trial function.

We’re looking forward to see how these functions will perform in action, over time. What do you think, will you benefit from anything in particular, or how do you think the new AdWords changes will affect your campaigns and business in general?