Notable changes to the New Google Dashboard 2013

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Notable changes to the New Google Dashboard 2013

Google uses the dashboard to show the number of people using android phone and the new Google dashboard 2013 just added a number of features that are worth looking out for. This device dashboard has been used by Google to show the distribution of the major android versions since the entrance of Froyo. This dashboard is set to see some major changes this month. The numbers on the dashboard is set to be based on the devices whose users have checked on the Google play. The check in must have been active during the period being reported.




This is a change to the previously used numbers, which were based on the count of all devices that pinged their servers. This change shows a significant increase in the active devices running on android jelly bean (Android version 4.1) or higher versions. This is a significant increase, compared to the numbers shown when the old way of counting was used. Other versions also have significant number of users, with Froyo and Gingerbread having the most number of active users.

The best part of this change is that it clearly gives a picture of the impact, or acceptance level of any given OS version. It also shows the number of devices mostly used so that developers may know who to target when developing applications. The new Google dashboard 2013 thus provides useful information to developers. It also shows the type of hardware that people mostly use so that software specification for such hardware is met.




Reason for the change

The change can be considered to be a logical change since most of the numbers that were used in the previous statistics were somehow dead devices or basically used as back up devices. Another argument is that the developers may only be using the numbers as a way to brag to their competitors major like Apple. Numbers have a way of affecting people and whichever way you look at this change, it definitely will have some impacts on the mobile technology and usage.


What to expect

The presentation of the information basically remains the same and is easier to interpret. It’s only the source of the data that has changed. If you have been using the Google android dashboard, you should be able to use it. The only difference is that the numbers are now somehow real-time and they change every day. You should make it a point to visit the new Google dashboard 2013 to have a feel of the devices that are being used by most people.

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