Social Media Tools



This service is a simple tool that allows you to post to all of your social media simultaneously. Once you’ve logged onto Everypost the simple black and white layout filters all of your social media accounts onto one page. You can add each account very simply by clicking add accounts in the top right corner. Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox and more are all available to add. You can even include email addresses. The posts do not have to happen in real-time either. Everypost allows you to draft posts and then schedule their rollout over an extended period of time, hitting the web at different places and different times for maximum exposure.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is similar to Everypost in that you can create content for all of your social media accounts in one place. However, Sprout also has the ability to monitor and manage online activity. For example, Sprout can track the amount of searches with the keywords used in your posts and provide visibility reports for social media accounts.



Edgar is a reposting tool. This service allows you to categorize social media posts and re-post them at a later time in order to reach more fans and followers. This is great because once you’ve seen what content is reaching the most people you can re-use it.



Sysomos is a social media business intelligence tool, monitoring social networks, blogs, and forums to analyze how brand and products are portrayed in them. This particular service is recommended for large enterprises needing a comprehensive listening solution.



Keyhole is a service that manages and measures in precise detail a brands impact on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Keyhole tracks keywords, hashtags and campaign metrics in real-time. This includes impressions, periods of high activity and more. You can also identify the other most popular account in your corner of the market. By re-posting their content you are attracting new consumers and users through affiliation.



Crowdbooster is a Facebook and Twitter analytics tool. Through the Crowdbooster dashboard you have access to real-time engagement information that exports directly into an Excel spreadsheet. This service provides recommendations on when to post, who to engage and how to improve your interactions based on the week of activity. It also offers a weekly performance summary.


Google Analytics

Google’s Analytics is a free-to-use monitoring device for any business that wants to track activity on their website and competing businesses websites. You can also use Google Analytics to measure the amount of traffic coming from social media sites. This means you will be able to collect data regarding how effective your posts to social media really are.


Rival IQ

This service tracks how opposing brands are doing on social media platforms. Prioritizing growth, the tool records how audiences develop or shrink on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. By giving you access to historical data, you can compare growth rates to major events and business cycles to determine when rivals are expanding their fan bases. Unfortunately this service is quite costly, starting at $199/month and caps at $439/month.


Social Mention

Social Mention is a service that provides you with the current trending topics and keywords that are being used in real-time. This is helpful because when users are searching keywords or hashtagging certain events your business will also come up in search results. Social Mention generates content from over 100 different platforms it tracks traditional metrics along with unique ones. The best part about this service is that it is free!



SumAll is a tool used to guide long-term social media activity.  Along with e-commerce data, you can track information from your major social channels in a single interactive chart. As well as standard metrics, it includes features such as goal tracking and performance graphs. Improve your social media strategy by using SumAll to manage your long-term past and future activity.



Mavsocial is, even as a freemium, so fully-fledged that it could be considered a social brand management system. The platform not only allows you to schedule posts for profiles on multiple different networks, but stores your images and assets in the platform for you to reuse. Mavsocial works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube. You can access 50 social media accounts on up to 6 social networks.


Social Pilot

Social Pilot is geared towards online retail stores, it’s capable of integrating with your e-commerce site and sending out branded Facebook posts. You are able to post about your products directly on social media using existing product photos on the site. This integration–combined with an integration to Pinterest and Instagram–is especially effective for e-commerce sites who rely on stellar visuals.



Postling is useful for businesses looking to expand their reach across social networks. Keeping track of responses, brands and people, this tool sends a daily digest of your recent activity across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Yelp, YouTube and Flickr. One cool feature is tracking news every time your business or brand is mentioned on the web. With a click, you’ll be able to share that tweet or review.



BuzzSumo is a service that scours the Internet for the top social media content and influencers based on your search query. By entering a topic, domain or specific keyword, your results will be nothing short of relevant. Filtering your search by time frame will show you the most shared content over time, which can give insight to trends or help with generating ideas for your own.



This service allows you to keep track of your social media mentions of your brand through keywords in blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. This can be tracked individually or all together. The service also gives you a trend report of your target mentions. This tool will help you analyze the success and visibility of your social media strategy over a given period of time.



WooRank review gives you social media stats such as comparative social ‘share-ability’ report with three competitors, Twitter account details and Facebook page details. This helps you monitor the social stats of yours as well as your competitor sites.


Buzz Bundle

BuzzBundle is a freeware from that tracks brand mentions in forum, blogs, Q&A sites, social networks and video sites. Based on the keywords you set, it finds related content. The setup takes only a few seconds and you are good to go with this free social media tool. There are some impressive features to the tool. For example, you can schedule unlimited number of tweets, LinkedIn and Google+ and Facebook posts. You can create new social profiles right from the software

Free Review Monitoring

As the name suggests this tool lets you track and monitor online reviews about your brand. It gives you free email alerts of your online reviews on sites such as Yelp, FourSquare, CitySearch and a few more. This tool is especially useful for local businesses who might receive numerous reviews online and are not even aware of it.



Video plays an important role in social media. Thanks to Powtoon video creation does not have to be a costly affair, since it is absolutely free. Whether it is brand ads, product videos or explainer videos, create them with ease using this free social media tool and share it on your social media pages.



Before you even register on multiple social media sites you would have to check if your brand name is not duplicated or already being used. Use this tool to check the username availability in over 500 social media sites.