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Get Google to Index Your New Website and Blog Quickly

Whenever you make a website for your blog business the most important thing you need to do is have people be able to find it and read it. However, this is not the easiest thing to do and especially is not easy to do quickly. Waiting for search engines to find your website can take months. getting your website to rank highly on certain you take even longer. the answer to the question of how to get Google and other search engines to rank your website faster will be answered in this on.

Why are search engines rankings important

These rankings are important because without writing within the first couple of pages of Google at minimum your visibility is lessened. This is because most people do not click past that first couple of pages. There was the idea that the information on those first pages are the most valuable pieces of information in as the pages get longer the information gets worse or less relevant to them. So it is important to ensure that your website is ranking within those first two paid in Furthermore within the first part of the first page.


What is crawling an Indexing

With the amount of web size create everyday Google and other search engines have to understand and find all these different websites they do so the use of technology that crawls all over the Internet Lines website and then put them in categories this is what is considered a crawling and in texting. The algorithm that Google uses is unknown to people but there are several that’s practices that can lead to higher rankings on search engines. Some of these are quad contents long contents and traffic that stays on your website otherwise known as a low bounce rate. but showing Google that your website has these things could take a lot longer than you want. So this article is going to give you some tips that can indicate to Google’s algorithm that your website is both in existence and valuable to those who read


Create a site map

This is a simple XML report that is placed on your side server that tells what each page on your website does and provides descriptions for each page. it can show page is a page that been changed. Doing Miss full of allowing for your website to be index more quickly because it has all of the information about your website in one spot that can be analyzed. however just having a sitemap is not enough you have to submit it to Google so that they can take your data. The easiest and most important spot to submit your sitemap is the Google webmaster tools in order to do this you create a Google account that is associated with your website and then agrees to accept Webmaster tools. then you can go to the optimization tab and then add your site map. this will inform Google about your pages. We don’t know how much this helps your Google rankings but it does hurt them so doing so it’s easy and it’s in the same package that you have submitted your sitemap too.


Install and use Google Analytics

With Google being the primary search engine using their analytical tools can give you a good picture about which website is doing well and what you need to work on.


Use social media profile

Having specialty branded profiles for your website can attract more traffic to your website which can boost your search engine ranking and also can create Additional connections these connections analyzed by Google and the more connections you have the better your chance of ranking highly on Google all need social media profiles you can share your website address you can share blogs and articles that you’ve written and you can announce product launches and other exciting news about your business. This easily shareable content only does good things for your website.


Social media also gives you the opportunity to see those that read your content in access your products and services. You can actually see and talk to you your audience and that is a valuable asset. You can ask them questions and see what they want in your business and therefore be able to better satisfy your customer base.


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