Google is improving their preview source regarding Flash websites

As we continue to grow and evolve online, the use of flash sites is becoming more apparent that they, ever slower than HTML sites, are getting more recognition with Google. There was a time when nothing was able to be indexed in terms of content within a flash file, however, with some guidelines that Google has put into place, following them will help your flash site get indexed better than in the past.

Again, we are not saying that flash sites get better indexed for SEO than HTML sites with content, however, the improvement is there. Another step in the right direction is the preview source that Googel introduced a while ago, the little magnifying glass that you click you preview the home page of a site, an example is below:


There was a time when a full flash site was not visible with the Google preview, however, with some tweaking on Google’s end, which requires a little tweaking on your flash file, you will be able to view the preview.

If you are a webmaster responsible for a full flash file, this is something we recommend to do as it gives your site the option to compete with other HTML websites in Toronto.