Remarketing Lists for Search Ads or RLSAs were launched by Google in last June. Since then, then most of the SEO professionals across the world have been looking to find out how to make the most efficient use of this new feature. We, at Rank Secure have been able to come up with some interesting findings after a few months of thorough study and experiment. In this post, we are sharing some of our initial findings to help you get started with RLSAs.

At the very beginning, let us discuss what RLSAs are. RLSA can be defined as campaigns that utilize remarketing lists for the purpose of remarketing on the search network. To make it simple, RLSAs can be used now to create a separate strategy to target someone who has already been to a certain website. Also refereed to as “Remarketing 3.0’’ by Google, RLSAs have the potential to be a game changer. All possible rewards of regular remarketing on targeted search platform can be achieved from RSLAs.


In order to implement RSLAs, visit your Search Network Campaign and find out the ‘audiences’ tab. On opening this tab, there will be an option for you to ‘add remarketing’. Now you will have to create a bid strategy after assigning the remarketing list to each of the ad groups. This strategy depends on how the RSLA campaigns are structured within the account. As an user, ‘bid only’ and ‘target and bid’ are the two bidding options available to you. In case of ‘target and bid’, the ads are displayed when both the remarketing list and keywords are triggered. On the contrary, the ‘bid only’ option allows users to create a campaign that displays ads to users that are not present in the remarketing list. Moreover, for users within the remarketing lists, bid adjustments are set.

At present, you can only benefit from RSLAs by making use of AdWords remarketing lists. The functional capabilities to make use of YouTube or Analytics remarketing are not available right now. However, combinations can be used provided one of the lists is an AdWords remarketing list.

There are three main paths for you to utilize RSLAs and Google refers to them as the three layers of RSLA. Tailored ad text is the most important of the three because it has a huge scope. Our brains reaction to a product or company depends significantly on our familiarity with the company/product. A highly advanced RSLA campaign means that there are multiple campaigns corresponding to each stage where users left the website. Optimized bids are the second way to use RSLAs, and they make it possible for users to bid more optimally. In this way, you can provide more value to someone who is aware of your website comparing to someone who is not. Finally, broadening of keywords is a useful strategy if you are more interested in higher conversions comparing to CPA. Serving an ad to an interested user is certainly more effective than serving those looking for something irrelevant.

We hope this post will provide you an initial idea about starting or expanding your RSLA efforts. This blog is your most reliable online destination for news, views, and updates from the world of Search Engine Optimization.