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As well as a strong web design, SEO can help to grow your business traffic, leads & sales

By building better customer relationships, driving more people to visit your website, and giving you a valuable edge over your competitors—all of which have the potential to allow your company to achieve success and reach your goals.  As more and more people are using search engines on mobile devices, local SEO is also becoming increasingly important—recent data shows that 57% of searches are now performed on tablets and smartphones.

SEO Audit & Optimization

SEO Audit & Optimization

Diagnose several issues that may restrict a website from reaching the optimum search engine ranking.

Web Design Services


Professional web design and development services that drive business and boost revenues.

Online Reputation Management


Offering customized strategies that help our clients portray themselves positively on the web.

Toronto’s Best SEO Marketing Agency

Rank Secure have over 18 years of SEO experience and have grown to become one of Toronto’s search engine experts. As technologies and algorithms are constantly evolving, we work to consistently keep one step ahead, to provide the most effective and innovative solutions, and to meet each of our customers’ unique needs.

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Local SEO

With our extensive knowledge of local SEO best practices, we have been able to assist clients in getting the right type of local search engine listing that will be most effective within their region.


For example, customers from North York, Vaughan, Mississauga, Scarborough, Pickering, Etobicoke, and the Durham Region (to name but a few) have all benefited from our expertise in:

Identifying local keywords

Claiming directory listings

Creating location-specific pages

Using maps and other tools to improve traffic

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Want A Free SEO Analysis?

    We Help You Grow with our Toronto SEO Experts

    Because of our years of experience in web design, SEO, and Toronto SEO specifically, we know what it takes to achieve and maintain a strong internet presence, despite increasing competition and the constant changes to market structure.


    Whatever your budget, location, or your company’s unique needs, we will work with you to help your brand gain more visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), increase inbound traffic to your website, engage your followers, and grow your business. As one of Toronto’s best SEO companies, we will provide an analysis of your website so you can make an informed decision and see real results.

    With over 18 years of SEO experience in Toronto!

    Our SEO Strategy

    As a top Toronto SEO agency, we know that before we begin we must first get to know your unique needs, demands, and expectations. By first performing a detailed analysis of your website, we will be able to better understand where you currently are from a technical and SEO standpoint.

    Keyword research is a huge element of our SEO strategy.

    Our in-house Toronto experts will work with you to determine the most effective and optimized keywords for your website. Understanding how your customers are organically searching for your services or products, and creating quality content targeting this is part of the service that we provide.

    Metadata Optimization
    Part of your SEO strategy should be the technical foundation of your website- metadata or title tags are snippets of HTML that are used to summarize a web page’s content so that the search engines can index and rank them. Manipulating these can be daunting, but our team of Toronto’s search engine experts know exactly what to do to generate a high rate of traffic. Link building is all about making connections with other reputable websites. It involves successfully getting a link to your website in relevant content on another authoritative web page. This can work to help increase your brand awareness and open a new customer base. Our Toronto SEO team can advise you on the best strategies suited to your business.
    Reputation Management and Social Media
    Our SEO agency is aware of how much your reputation matters. It is important for positive information about your business to get out there among your customer base, and that a solid branding strategy is undertaken from the outset. Our search engine experts will work with you to promote a solid, authoritative reputation that will place you in a prime position from the start. Part of developing and maintaining a strong online presence is posting unique and informative content in the form of blog posts. This is an effective way of connecting with an organic customer base who are searching for information about your product or service. We can help to create tailored content as part of your particular SEO strategy.
    Competitor Analysis
    We all have competition, and the reality is that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! Our SEO agency knows that for you to rank highly in search engine searches, we need to put time and effort into researching your industry leaders. What works and what doesn’t has already been discovered—we will look at what your successful competitors are doing and then work with you to do it better! At Rank Secure, the on the ground Toronto team of search engine experts will carry out detailed, comparative research between you and your closest competition. This will help us quickly identify any weaknesses or areas for improvement.
    Rank Secure SEO Strategy

    Great Web Design Gives Great Results

    Your company’s website is often your first interaction with customers, and it is here where you can work to firmly establish your brand and your online presence. As experts in web design, we also understand that there is more to effective online marketing than just an attractive website.


    With the help of a location-specific Toronto web design agency, you can achieve more from your digital presence. Our team of web developers will ensure that will help you improve user experience, generate site conversions, optimize your search engine rankings, and maximize mobile responsiveness.

    Local SEO- Professional Toronto Web Designers

    Local SEO- Professional Toronto Web Designers

    The way searches are conducted online is changing—increasingly, people are using smart and mobile devices to look for information, make purchases, and to seek out local businesses. It is no longer enough to have your company website visible in organic search results. Customers also need to be able to find you using local search engine optimization.


    With local SEO services from our Toronto agency, you will be able to avail of a local SEO strategy that targets location-specific keywords and customer groups, more highly targeted website traffic, and better visibility in search engine results pages optimized for your particular location and niche.

    After Sales Service Matters

    A truly customized website comes from web designers who know how to create something from the ground up that is unique to your business, with precisely the degree of functionality and business objectives that you have in mind. The web design experts in our Toronto offices take the time to get to know you so we can deliver your specific requirements.

    We are also here to provide you with on-going website management. In order to keep your site fresh and current, our team is standing by to answer questions, brainstorm solutions, and maintain your website’s optimized ranking in search engine results pages.

    SEO Toronto

    Digital, Mobile, and Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing has power but many business owners don’t know how to use that power to get their business in front of people. Rank Secure does. We can integrate social media marketing into an SEO plan that will get your business noticed and drive more customers to you.


    Our team of social media and SEO specialists, web designers, and marketing professionals will work with you to craft the right plan that pushes your business into the online spotlight. From paid ads, pay-per-click, to help you post and produce press releases, Rank Secure can cover all your marketing needs.


    Rank Secure has spent the past 18 years creating innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers, helping them to stay relevant in a constantly changing cyber world. Our company has stayed ahead of diverse technologies and varying algorithms proving that we are one of Toronto’s top search engine experts. Our SEO experience has proven itself repeatedly as its helped our clients’ websites to become highly effective in producing more clients, more business, and higher revenue.

    Digital marketing Services

    The most current information tells us that over 70% of all media time is now spent on mobile devices. Mobile marketing is a vital element in connecting with the segment of your target market who are most likely to make purchases and spend money online.


    Our mobile marketing experts will provide you with an efficient mobile marketing campaign that will help to build awareness and increase engagement with mobile users, develop mobile tools that will enable your customers to access specific information about your products and services, and improve the buying experience.

    After our team has spent time consulting with you, we will isolate your demographic and decide on the best digital tone to apply on each of the platforms. Whether you are looking to polish your brand, expand your customer base, or increase sales, we will be able to suggest specific actions that will bring long-term benefits to your business.


    Vital to the success of your social media marketing strategy is consistent analysis and the tracking of engagement metrics, such as likes, clicks, and shares. Depending on your budget and resources, we can help you narrow down the most effective tools available that will allow you to adapt and update for the best results.

    Toronto SEO - Looking to the Future

    Search Engine Optimization and local SEO are vital for the growth of your business online. As Toronto’s search engine experts, we are constantly working to stay one step ahead and keep an eye on what new trends are coming in the future.


    We have already mentioned the increase in mobile and smart technology usage, the importance of local SEO knowledge, and creating a strong presence on all of the various social media platforms. What other trends are up-and-coming that you need to be aware of for your company’s most effective SEO strategy?

    Creating Evergreen Content

    Quality content is really the key to engaging customers, and quality content is also what is going to enable you to rank highly organically in search engine results pages. Evergreen content is content that remains relevant over time. News articles, for example, are not evergreen as they are no longer relevant after a certain time period.

    The future of Toronto SEO is creating content that will be sustainable, as this will give your business time to move up the ranks in search engine results. In order to create content that is evergreen, think about critical topics in your industry, or common audience questions.

    Focusing on User Search Intent

    User intent, query intent, or search intent is identifying what the user intended or wanted to find when they typed their search terms into the online search engine. Users are sometimes looking for information or to make a purchase, for example.

    If your website does not provide the information they need, it will not rank highly in their search results. For Toronto businesses to be able to meet the users search intent, they need to know what is already ranking highly for their company’s key words. While keywords are important, it is also essential to write for users and not for search engines! Providing the content that people are looking for is the future of Toronto SEO.

    Drive More Revenue With Digital Marketing Services

    Most Frequent Questions

    SEO is in such high demand in Canada and Toronto because SEO experts can help you to receive incredibly high returns for your company. The cost to implement SEO is relatively low, so the growth in sales and business can be substantial.

    Some many programs and companies guide you through implementing your own SEO program. However, you’ll find they won’t be as effective as hiring a professional company that has experience doing it. A learning curve exists and it can take some time to figure out what works for your company. Also, the time you spend learning SEO may be better used doing what you do best, selling your products or services, and meeting your customers’ needs.

    Absolutely, SEO and digital marketing can improve sales. Both are tools to get a business website noticed more by the public and improve traffic to the website. More traffic to a website naturally leads to an increased opportunity for sales. Targeted traffic will increase sales because these are people actively looking for products and services like yours.

    SEO (search engine optimization) has several elements to it but it primarily utilizes keywords that people use when searching for products and services. The keywords are put onto your website so search engine crawlers pick them up and put your website into relevant searches where people find you.

    They can be expensive, depending on the company you use and the type of services you are seeking. At Rank Secure, we offer customized, affordable plans to businesses to meet their exact goals and budget. We also offer a free analysis of your current website so you know where you stand in your online presence.

    Some up-to-date strategies for increasing conversion using digital mobile marketing are using the right platforms depending on your target market, creating fun and engaging video content, personalizing your content on mobile platforms, and offering tangible value for customers.

    The web design process at our Toronto SEO company takes you through 4 stages: project discovery, ideation and information architecture, user interface design, and testing and evaluation after the launch.

    Small businesses can greatly benefit from digital marketing and SEO services. It’s hard to get a presence on the web without these things and, unfortunately, many small businesses go unnoticed. Implementing an aggressive digital marketing strategy will put a small business in line with competitors and even the playing field between them and larger companies.

    A professional digital marketing company like Rank Secure has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to be more effective than you trying it on your own. We have a team of experts in web design, coding, SEO, and social media that can put together an effective plan that will accomplish your goals. That frees up your time to run your business and relieves you of the stress of trying to learn all that is involved and do it yourself.

    Small businesses can greatly benefit from digital marketing and SEO services. It’s hard to get a presence on the web without these things and, unfortunately, many small businesses go unnoticed. Implementing an aggressive digital marketing strategy will put a small business in line with competitors and even the playing field between them and larger companies.

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