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Link Building for Jerks

Link building can be quite time intensive and discouraging, but it is unavoidable. Unfortunately, if you want higher SEO rankings, then link building is your trump card.

Jerks vs. Professionals

Over the years, individuals and companies have learned that there are two major techniques to apply in link building… The first is by being a jerk and the second is by hiring a professional who will do it innovatively and professionally. The result in both cases is largely the same, both ways you will be noticed, the difference is, the kind of attention you get.

Computer programs find it easier to judge a web page’s trustworthiness and significance through the links that are the basic connectors on the Web. Link popularity still ranks high with other algorithms used by search engines such as Google to get the trusted links to rank high. There are many articles out there giving advice on how to increase your link popularity, as well as be one of the trusted links.

Which advice should you pick? Some are authoritative documents and others offer some wild advice. So, here goes.

If You Are a Jerk (or don’t mind being called one!)

Here is how some people have built links to their sites, but by using ‘unorthodox’ methods that no serious company should attempt!

  • Steal some famous persons work and publish the content. Do not attribute it to anyone and make sure many channels are aggregate, then sit back and wait for everyone to start discussing you.
  • Send fake referrals with outrageous claims and promises such as free millions. Send them in the thousands to top ranking sites and wait for the response.
  • Make sure you make enemies of strangers while you wear a t-shirt with your URL on it. Basically, just be a total jerk.
  • Some webmasters have sued their colleagues for linking to their sites.
  • You could follow the RIAA and sue a12-year old kid or just look for ways to get bad press.


Other ways people have used to be noticed (and get banned, filtered and penalized while at it!) include forum and blog spam, sending out fake link exchanges, or sending links to their site dozens of times from tens of different email accounts.

Blog spamming includes signing off blog comments using spammy keywords and not ones real name. Make irrelevant comments on blogs or say you have previously written on the same topic and give a link. A few ‘bad’ apples try to make servers crash by hitting them with automated bots. While others just use posts like “me too” in every forum and blog just to build the post count.

Have you ever tried the link building the jerks’ way?

SEO Toronto consultant and he is the managing director of Rank Secure. Baruch is renowned for having published numerous Articles in the field of search engine optimization and online marketing. In his free time, Baruch’s passions are primarily in the field of technology, education, science.

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